Part 1: Distance

Distance and time gave me clarity. I woke up that morning with a plan. There was a lot to do. Trying to get your shit out of an angry alcoholic’s house isn’t easy. Alcoholics don’t like it when you tell people about their alcoholism. That’s, like, the number two thing they don’t like. Number one […]

Seamus and the American

Madison had been living in Ireland for her semester abroad when she met the leprechaun. “ID, horse box!” He wasn’t very nice. “You’re a leprechaun!” “Ya just gonna stare with yer dopey mouth hangin’ open? Take a feckin’ picture, why don’t ya? Yeah, I’m a leprechaun. What’re ya? A dopey cunt! Jaysus.” His name was […]

Don’t Go

“I don’t want you to go,” I sobbed. We sat on his couch, surrounded by his packed boxes. We had only been together for a couple of months. We always knew he would be transferred away. This was expected. But knowing that didn’t make it easier. I cried and he held me and I could […]

Orange and Red

Scrap! “What the fuck!” It was always a jarring sound. No matter how quietly or not quietly the door was opened. The office door has always been slighly warped. Opening and closing it always made a scraping sound, a jarring sound. It was flung open that morning. Scrap! “What the fuck!” I shoot up from […]