Almost everything I own is new. This choice made sense both financially and from a sense of “Fuck everything that happened before this. Let’s start anew.” From moving back and forth across the country in the last ten years, I learned that shipping boxes via UPS and ditching furniture is cheaper than hiring a moving […]

A Shitty Poem

Writing is a right of free expression. Posting in a blog isn’t a “viral attack”. Telling the truth isn’t “malicious”. Wanting people to know what happened isn’t “spiteful”. Being asked to “stop writing about him” is a request, not a demand. Refusing to be silent because “people is his life are starting to ask questions” […]


On my 29th birthday, we go to my favorite dive bar with two other friends. We leave wasted. We go back to his place and eat pizza. The next day, we go out for sushi, drink sake bombs and sleep till midnight. Later in the week, one of the friends and I demonstrate how he […]


After I moved back to Chicago this summer, I debated yoga teaching training. I had been toying with the idea for years and I thought I would need a distraction from the serious shit that went down in Seattle. To keep myself from crawling into a bottle and waking up at 40, horribly hung over, […]


I couldn’t sleep last night. Because you read my Fantasy post and blew up my phone at 3am. I answered and that lead us down another one of our rabbit holes of post-break up arguments. I’ve never hit anyone in my life and I don’t plan on ever hitting anyone. I have this thing called […]